Our Work

What can we really do about poverty? So many people ask this question and in fact whole multi billion dollar organizations are built around answering it.

However, as Christians, there is a first question we should ask. What does it mean to love? What does it mean to love strangers and friends alike- wherever they may be born or  live? To love is them is to come alongside them, recognize their essential dignity, and listen to them tell their own story.

Poverty can cause  estrangement: from God, from our own worth, from the beauty of creation, and from each other. God bridges the gap by  becoming human- in taking on flesh to walk with us- to invite us into restored relationships. The answer to poverty is not merely a a program or a strategy- it is restored relationships with God, creation, and each other.

This restoration forms the very fabric of what we do through the Church in Gasabo Diocese, Rwanda. Our programs and strategies are simply the outward fruit of walking and listening- of coming to be known by and love those the Lord has gathered around us.

How can you be a part of this restoration  when you live thousands of miles away? How can you walk with, listen to, and come alongside people who live radically different lives? The answer: you can support  us as we seek to walk in love. We can only do what we do because of the generosity of people who feel called to share in this work of restoration, of affirming dignity and cultivating a better future rather than thinking there is nothing that they can do.  We hope you will have the chance to come to Rwanda and see!